Monday, February 16, 2009

Couvade: My Pregnancy Symptoms

Here's your new word of the day: Couvade, otherwise known as sympathetic pregnancy. All of the material around it calls it a condition of expectant fathers, ignoring those of us non-gestational parents who happen to be women. But whatever -- I think I may have it. Of course, in my case it's complicated by the fact that I am actually trying to trick my body into thinking I'm pregnant. Apparently it's working.

Aside from some breast swelling (which means that the lactation-induction project is on track so far), my biggest symptom is food cravings. I have intense round-the-clock craving for chocolate of any kind. If you have any, please send it to my house. Don't bother with small amounts of really good chocolate; send a 5 pound bag of M&Ms. Over the weekend I was settling down for a snack when Lyn asked me, in a somewhat accusatory tone: "What are you eating?" It was cheese dipped in kosher salt, which is quite good actually, but it had never occurred to me to try it before. Not having any chocolate at hand, I moved on to raisins after that, and that's when I got the great idea to melt cheese over a mixture of raisins and chocolate. Throw an olive or two on top and I'd be in heaven.

My other symptom is hip pain. I can no longer sleep without a pillow between my knees. What do you think happens when you complain about your hip pain to a pregnant lady? (Here's a hint: it involves laughter. Directed at you.)

So I throw it out to you other non-gestational parents. Do you have any pregnancy symptoms to share? Please, I don't want to be alone in my whining.


N said...

Obviously not now, but when I was pregnant, J got my morning sickness. I mean, I got nausea, that's for sure, but she was the one throwing up. (I can't say I minded missing out on that...)

Anonymous said...

ohhhh my goodness, yes. i still haven't lost the pregnancy weight! my worst was the nesting. i know it's normal to nest if a baby is coming your way, but it felt so hormonal -- it came deep from within, and involved manic painting, shopping, listing, laundry, and phone calls. "puttering" became a full time job!

nutella said...

Well, I'm the pregnant one, so Strawberry will have to weigh in on this one. I just had to post to say "EWWWW"! I am horrified by the food combo you have described.

Anonymous said...

Weighing in, but sorry, I'm not having any couvade. I mean, sure, I can blame my brain fart moments on my wife's pregnancy brain, but that's probably not the real reason ;) The only other thing I'm doing is nesting, but I am by nature, a nester anyway.

Lyn said...

Just to be very clear, in addition to laughing at Gail, I did give her a hip massage...I must be a really good wife!

And yes, that food is gross. Usually if Gail is eating like this (and snapping at me), I know it's PMS...which is isn't now due to the BCPs. At least she's not snapping at me!

Gail said...

It's true -- I should have given Lyn props for the massage. She really hardly ever laughs at me ;)

Oh, and Nutella, when I was pregnant I threatened for many weeks to eat an american cheese/peanut butter/pickle sandwitch, but I was never quite brave enough to pull it off. So clearly I have a gross food problem.