Tuesday, July 1, 2008

About Us

We are two mathematician moms to Leigh, born 6/06 (Gail gave birth using frozen sperm). Lyn is pregnant with our second (same donor), coming at the end of May. We blog about parenting, pregnancy, and the challenges of creating and sustaining a two-mom family. We love hearing from other queer families, so please email us at firsttimesecondtime at gmail dot com.

Our Timeline

5/01 Gail and Lyn meet and fall in love at Math Camp
5/04 Gail and Lyn get married

First Time:
10/04 Gail starts tracking cycles in earnest
5/05 Gail starts acupuncture to correct short luteal phase
8/05 1st try, ICI, 2 vials at home, BFN
9/05 2nd try, ICI, 2 vials at home, it worked!
6/06 Leigh is born!

Second Time:
1/07 Lyn starts tracking cycles.
4/07 Lyn starts acupuncture to correct anovulation.
2/08 CD3 bloodwork and HSG, given the all clear
3/08 1st try, ICI, 2 vials at home, BFN
4/08 2nd try, ICI, 2 vials at home, BFN
5/08 Missed cycle due to anovulation triggered by travel
6/08 Missed cycle due to travel
7/08 3rd try, clinic IUI (no meds), 4 vials (don't ask), BFN
8/08 Missed cycle due to travel, decide never to travel ever again
9/08 4th try, clinic IUI (no meds), 2 vials, BFP!

The best way to get to know us is to take a trip through the archives. You'll find a list of good posts to start with on the sidebar!