Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sleep Update

We're way overdue for a sleep update here, and I'm pleased to report (you have no idea just how pleased...wait, some of you probably do) that we are in a much better place (at least for now). We finally found an approach that worked for all of us (in our case it was Sleep Lady Shuffle with Gail doing the heavy lifting, feel free to contact us for details if you want them, but we'll spare you the blow by blow). We're not home free. We're up awfully early and naps are still a struggle. But we are all getting more consolidated sleep at night and the world is a much better place. Sometimes Gail and I are even in a good mood at the same time, which is a sure sign of progress.

Thanks all of you for the kind words of encouragement. It really does help.


Anonymous said...

I would be thrilled to hear the details. We have a seven month old who has been co-sleeping and frequently! nursing at night. We have read them all-- kim west, elizabeth pantley.... We do not want her to cry it out! How do you deal when the baby starts to cry? We haven't been able to move past a couple (2) hours of her in her crib alone before she just. will. not. go back to sleep without screaming for a LONG time. any details of your success would be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

by the way-- we are queer parents in saint louis, MO of all places (just moved here from CA). we are so inspired by your blog. thank you!